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WCDMA Technical Features
- Mar 29, 2018 -

1. Base station synchronization mode: Supports asynchronous and synchronous base station operating modes, flexible networking

2. Signal bandwidth: 5MHz; Chip rate: 3.84Mcps

3. Transmit diversity modes: TSTD (time-switched transmit diversity), STTD (space-time coded transmit diversity), FBTD (feedback transmit diversity)

4. Channel coding: Convolutional code and Turbo code, support 2M data service

5. Modulation: Up: BPSK; Down: QPSK

6. Power Control: Up-Down Closed Loop Power Control, Outer Loop Power Control

7. Demodulation: Pilot-aided Coherent Demodulation

8. Speech encoding: AMR, compatible with GSM

9. The core network is based on the evolution of GSM/GPRS networks and maintains compatibility with GSM/GPRS networks

10. MAP technology and GPRS tunneling technology are the core of the WCDMA system's mobility management mechanism and maintain compatibility with GPRS networks.

11. Support soft handover and softer handover

12. The base station does not need to be strictly synchronized and the networking is convenient