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The Status Of Mobile Network In Cambodia In August 2018
- Aug 16, 2018 -

The rapid growth of Cambodia's 4G has some interesting results in the opensignal indicator. Operators are expanding access to LTE servers to meet user demand, resulting in an increase in 4G availability metrics. On the other hand, the demand for mobile data may also burden operators' 4G networks, and the average 4G download speed is slowing down.

Cellcard wins speed award

Among all four OpenSignal speed metrics, Cellcard scored the highest, and in this case, it achieved significant profits. Although Smart ranks second in the speed indicator, Metfone is clearly catching up, especially the 4G download speed, which averages only 3.6 Mbps.

Cambodia’s network responsiveness has improved

As Cambodian operators fine-tune their LTE networks, the response time of their 4G services is also improving. Therefore, the 4G delay scores of the three major operators are all below 50 milliseconds, but the round-trip response time of Metfone is 42.8 milliseconds.

Smart leads the way in 4G availability

Smart scored a 9-point break of 6 percentage points in the 4G usability rating and was among the best in the rankings. Smart can provide 4G signals to users in 78.2% of the time.

4G speed drops, overall speed is stable

The average 4G speed in Cambodia is declining, which is a trend that can be seen in many newer LTE markets. However, as operators expand access to 4G connections, the daily speed of Cambodian users remains stable.