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The Next Possibility To Design IPhone X Is Motorola One Power.
- Jun 04, 2018 -

In the Motorola 2018 product catalog that was exposed at the beginning of the year, a model with a fringe design appeared. However, several phones launched by Moto in the first half of the year did not seem to have such a design. Is it abandoned? Don't be foolish. Android Headlines and 91mobiles have found another Motorola One Power. It not only uses the familiar screens, but also the dual camera layouts that are placed vertically behind them.

It is reported that this Motorola One Power will be a member of Android One as its name, and will have the advantage of quick system updates. Unfortunately, the report did not disclose the specifications of this phone, but it will also use this special screen and dual camera design, it is estimated that will be the middle and high-end positioning.

However, it is even more noteworthy that this mobile phone is not the product of the past and only uses the full name of "Motor" instead of "Moto". Will this reveal that Lenovo has a new direction for the mobile phone brand under their control? Did another Moto X5 with Haiping also replace it? Or a different new machine? We can only wait for the official release of Lenovo to know.