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The New Samgle Feature Phone In China Is About To Start Selling For 25 Days To Kill All Smartphones
- Jun 17, 2018 -

After Samgle 8110 3G re-engraved version is registered in Singapore and other places, it is not difficult to guess that the aircraft or landed on the domestic market in recent days. Samgle mobile phone in 2013, so far it has launched dozens of Android smart phones, but as the old bank's feature machine business it has not fallen. After the reunification, it has added new features such as 3310 3G, 3310X 3G, and zoey 3G, and it has also been welcomed by users worldwide. This also brought confidence in its launch of the 8110 Replica.

The appearance of the 8110 re-engraved version still retains a lot of old classic design elements, in addition to the addition of yellow in the color also looks more fashionable. It is because of this design that many netizens jokingly called it a banana phone.

Details, the aircraft has a larger size 2.4-inch color screen, the physical keyboard has been redesigned to enhance the feel. In addition, the aircraft runs the Smart Feature OS system. The foreign version has built-in Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp and other applications. The Chinese version will have built-in QQ, as well as WeChat and other mainstream applications.

Although the 8110 is a functional machine, it is also luxurious. Its built-in SC 7701 processor + 64MB RAM + 128MB ROM, enough to meet the daily performance needs of users. The aircraft also has dual-card dual standby 3G WCDMA, which is not a problem on the call.

As Samgle's features, the life of the aircraft is also a major highlight. According to the official data Samgle8110 re-engraving sustainable standby for 25 days, it is simply a spike in all current day one-charged smartphones. With the above features, Xiao Bian feels that the Samgle 8110 reissue is still qualified as a backup machine.