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The First 5G International Standard Was Officially Released The First 5G Mobile Phone Was Launched In 2019
- Jun 15, 2018 -

On June 13th, San Diego time, the 3GPP 5G NR standard SA (Standalone) solution was formally completed and released at the 80th TSG RAN plenary session of the 3GPP. At this point, 5G has completed the first stage of full-featured standardization work. It also means that The first complete 5G international standard has been officially released.

It is understood that the full release of the 5G Release 15 SA is a new architecture with a new design concept. As new network elements and interfaces are introduced, new technologies such as network virtualization and software-defined networking will be adopted on a large scale.

5G independent networking can reduce the dependence on existing 4G networks, better support various services such as 5G large bandwidth, low latency and large connections, and provide customized services based on scenarios to meet the business needs of various users. , to enhance customer experience. The release of the SA independent networking version means that the 5G system based on the independent networking architecture can fully realize the 5G technical specifications and commitments, and create new and more development opportunities for the mobile communications industry.

According to reports, the Chinese company Datang Telecom Group made important contributions in the first international standard of 5G, including large-scale antenna and beamforming, new multi-access technology, ultra-dense networking, car networking, and channel-based new mobility management. The 5G standardization fields such as TDD dynamic frame structure, 5G core network architecture, and 5G CU/DU architecture design are at the leading international level, and many technical solutions have entered the international core standards specification.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's plan, China's 5G carrier frequency band is the Sub 6GHz IF and it also covers this standard. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China issued a notice formally announcing the planning of 3300-3600MHz and 4800-5000MHz frequency bands as the working frequency bands for 5G systems, of which the 3300-3400MHz frequency band principle is used indoors.

In this standard, Datang will develop an end-to-end full range of products including wireless, transmission, and core networks based on the latest R15 SA standard, helping the deployment of national 5G technology trials and scale trial networks, and promoting the Internet of Things and Industrial Internet. And other important vertical industry applications are launched to realize the goals of large bandwidth, low latency and mass connectivity of 5G networks, in order to achieve China's 5G to lead strategic goals and promote the mobile communications industry to become one of the few high-tech industries in China with industry discourse rights and international competitiveness. A contribution to power.

After the first phase of the SA's 5G standard was settled, the second phase started R16 as a 5G standard and was completed in December 2019. This phase completes the complete 5G standard that satisfies all ITU (International Telecommunication Union) requirements