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The 5G Era Is Coming, China Needs A New 4G Feature Phone
- Aug 17, 2018 -

Mobile phones are divided into smart phones and feature phones. The biggest difference between the two is that smartphones have separate operating systems, while feature phones do not. Today, with the popularity of smart phones, many people have more than one smart phone. Smartphones have become an indispensable part of many people's work and life. Although smart phones are widely optimistic, there are still many people who have a soft spot for feature phones. In particular, the demand for mobile phone functions is not very large. Usually, people only need to use mobile phones to make calls and send and receive text messages. This group is mainly Concentrating on middle-aged and elderly people in cities and rural areas. They are reluctant to use their smartphones, but they prefer traditional feature phones because they are simple, practical, long-lasting, compact, and easy to carry around. Therefore, feature phones still have a certain market space today and need to be further activated.

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Recently, 5G has gradually entered people's field of vision, and its voice is getting higher and higher, which has aroused everyone's high attention. In order to better develop 5G, it is necessary for the three major operators to shut down their 2G networks and even 3G networks in a timely manner, free up more channels and frequencies, build new networks, and put the main funds and energy into the promising 5G. Network construction.

At present, the function phones of the old and new models are 2G and 3G, and the function phones of the 4G system are rare in China. If the operator closes the 2G network, there is a big gap in the feature phone. The previous 2G function phone will only be eliminated and cannot be used anymore, and the new feature phone does not fill the gap in time. This is obviously No way. When communication terminal manufacturers increase their R&D 5G smart phones, they should pay enough attention to non-smart phones, especially the research and development of new 4G function phones should be kept up to date, giving functional phones more functions, such as supporting WeChat. , WiFi, VoLTE and other functions. And can support 4G network, leaving more application space for future non-smart phones.

Recently, Indian mobile phone company Reliance Jio launched a feature phone called "Jio Phone", this feature phone supports access to 4G network, simple design, with 2.4-inch screen, 512MB memory and 4GB storage space, there is a number Keyboard, and support voice control, in addition to display 22 languages, support NFC near field communication. Users can use the software to browse websites, watch videos, listen to music, make emergency calls, and connect to a TV to watch Reliance Jio's streaming video content.

The latest research report released by Strategy Analytics "India 4G feature phone: consumer interest, purchase intention and market forecast" pointed out that 4G feature phones will be hugely disruptive. The Indian smartphone market is highly competitive, but half of Indian smartphone users are familiar with 4G-enabled phones, while one-third consider using a feature phone instead of a smartphone or as an extra phone.

India, like China, is not only a populous country, but also one of the most promising countries. India’s mobile phone companies can fully consider the national conditions, conduct market research, research and development, and produce new 4G function phones to meet user needs. China's communication terminal manufacturers have paid attention to it.