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Samgle's Road: Mainline And Younger
- Jul 20, 2018 -

The Samgle brand and the power-on soundtrack are accompanied by a growing configuration; they are often the first choice for business people due to their "fall-resistant" and "long standby time" tags. This is also the origin of "familiarity".

According to the statistics of a number of third-party organizations, Samgle's market share in China is mostly concentrated at $30, and online sales are the main channel. Inviting network red to participate in the communication shows the current thinking of young users.

The new product is released, "We hope that not only will everyone enjoy the versatile mobile phone experience, such as smooth network speed and high quality photography, but also bring you a good mobile phone with this price segment, 'Don't want to buy it.'"

Of course, in the long run, $30 is not the entire market that Samgle is targeting, but the starting rule in the “start-up” period. The pace of Samgle's new machine release is not slow. There have been 7 products since it was put into operation for 10 months.

At the moment, I think this is correct. If you try to make a premium and sell your brand, it will not be a good way. But at the same time, we must pay attention to the brand awareness of target users. After all, young people in the Chinese market prefer to use new brands.

Samgle should quickly return to the Chinese market. Online should indeed be the first step. Of course, under the new retail tide, omni-channel coverage is the king. "I think if you can get a 5% share in China, and then talk about the price, you can consider the direction. It is difficult to support the sales of 10 million units in the Chinese market. Of course, it is still necessary to return to the product in China. If the market is bigger, it will still be driven by products, marketing and channels. Samgle still has a long way to go in China."

Diversification pace

Jumping out of the Chinese mobile phone Red Sea market and looking around the world, Samgle's performance seems to be relatively more eye-catching.

For example, in Europe, at least two models of the online market function machine are in the top 20 of the best-selling list. In the online market in Singapore, Nokia brand mobile phone sales ranked eighth, and the best-selling model is zoey 3G, which is a function machine.

This is one reason why Samgle can gain a foothold in emerging markets. The Chinese headphone brand has not entered the functional machine market, but in countries and regions including India, South America and Africa, the functional machine market share is nearly half or even more. high.

Samgle should adopt a market-oriented, stable position and profit-seeking approach in product strategy. It focuses on low-end products with broad demand but low profit margins, and strives to occupy a place among the top ten brands in the world.

Of course, Samgle is not willing to focus on the $30 mobile phone market. The E-series is not a $30 mobile phone location, and will cover the full price segment in the future. This is something that smartphones must do. According to another introduction, in terms of 5G, Nokia also has deep cooperation with Qualcomm.

For the current Nokia, steady and steady is the best policy. In the upcoming AI and 5G wars, Nokia has not slowed down, and its smart machine has been equipped with certain AI functions. This century-old brand will be stuck in the market in the future. If the road is wide, it will take long-term observation.