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Samgle Does Back Samgle
- Jul 21, 2018 -

Making mobile phones for Chinese consumers is really harder than going to heaven.


The rapid growth of the Chinese smartphone market in recent years has made the information between mobile phone manufacturers and consumers increasingly transparent. People from the initial "memory big mobile phone is fast, battery big mobile phone is durable" this simple value, until now many people have already understood the phone parameters, clearly know what kind of mobile phone they need, in fact, they use less than two Three years.


When consumers choose mobile phones, most of them follow such a rule: cost-effective, good value, good quality, innovative features, and the best brands are not bad, can reflect their own consumption personality. That being said, it is not easy for manufacturers to build new machines based on this standard.


Starting from the high cost performance, several well-known mobile phone manufacturers in China have comparable control capabilities to the mobile phone supply chain. In a price range, the most cost-effective products can still achieve a limit, screen, processor, camera sensor, etc. There are so many high-cost parts in the mobile phone, how to highlight the cost-effective also need to consider. In addition, whether it is value or quality, or functional innovation, it is actually a problem above the hardware and overall cost. In general, it is not difficult to develop new products. For domestic mobile phone manufacturers, it is more difficult to introduce new products than to introduce consumers to change their prejudice against a brand. After all, only when the consumer recognizes a brand, the sales of the product will follow.



In 2017, Samgle sold 2 million feature phones in just 3 months. This is still a proud achievement. The Samgle brand is deeply rooted in the functional mobile phone market, and the results are enough for those who do thousands. The mobile phone makers of Yuanzhiji are eye-catching. Although the number of global smartphone shipments in 2014 is 1.462 billion, this figure looks very impressive, but this is the first time in the history of the smartphone market that it has fallen.


In the overall market downturn, Samgle is still able to obtain relatively high sales, in fact, is inseparable from the market strategy.


The protagonist of today's assessment is Samgle ZOEY 3G, a series of 3G-enabled mobile phones designed specifically to shut down the 2G market, focused on meeting consumer demand. Nokia will take two product lines, one is a 3G-enabled mobile phone, and the other is a 4G-enabled mobile phone.


In fact, before ZOEY 3G, Samgle was using this idea to sell new products developed by himself. Last year, Samgle released a total of five models 3310 3G, 3G 3310X, ZOEY 3G, and 8110 3G in the global market, but only one ZOEY 3G was released in China. The reason is actually very simple, that is, Chinese consumers want more than international users. The label "China special function mobile phone" may mean cheap and simple in the past, but in the current mobile phone market, this label means no short Board, a product with balanced performance.


Samgle used several models to explore the Chinese market today. At 8110 3G, Samgle gave a high score with no obvious shortcomings and a good overall performance. It can even be called the most worthy model at the same price.




If "sturdy and reliable" is Samgle's feelings, then what Samgle is doing now is to keep the product on the basis of retaining the old tradition, not only to keep up with the new era, but to lead all products in the same pricing range. The one that is most worthy of choice.


The smartphone market in 2018 and beyond is of course completely different from Samgle 10 years ago, but Samgle is steadily pushing the new products to the right market, and Samgle is back to Samgle.