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Samgle 8110 3G Version Evaluation: Banana-shaped Feature Phone Buys No Loss
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Want to be in the current mobile phone circle, is it the value of the face or fight strength? I think this is also a question for many mobile phone manufacturers. As consumers' tastes become more diverse, simply relying on stacked hardware to show muscles is no longer satisfactory to users. Of course, the appearance of the color is even more difficult, after all, it has been 8012 years, ceramics, glass, metal and other materials can not escape the fate of a thousand machines.

samgle 8110 (3).jpg

Does that mean that only high-end flagship products will be able to attract the whole network in the future?

On July 31st, Samgle proved that the market is not so monotonous through a product that sells for only $29.9.

In fact, as early as May of this year, samgle 8110 3G caught everyone's attention through a bright yellow, and the popularity did not lose the flagship of the same field. Nowadays, with its listing, the sales situation of a lot of madness is really eye-opening.

Appearance: Collision between the past and the modern

Samgle 8810 3G is actually the most worth mentioning is the appearance, the curved body combined with the slider, may be fresh for young friends, and in the eyes of our age-old users, this symbolizes an era.

samgle 8110 (3).jpg

In addition to the black version of the whole body, Samgle 8810 3G has a "banana yellow" color, which makes it become a "network popular feature phone." In fact, the plastic case is really suitable for such color matching, not only makes the whole phone look more fashionable, but also looks like a summer atmosphere. In the remaining August, I saw a product with its own cool attributes, and it's no wonder that everyone will be so eager.

Speaking of the outer casing, the Samgle 8810 3G is made of sturdy engineering plastic with a slightly micro-matte finish.

samgle 8110 (3).jpg

The resolution of the front 2.4-inch display is full of the times.

The position of the speaker on the back is ideal for a curved body, and there is no blocking sound on the table. Samgle's logo is etched clearly, and the overall alignment with the 2 megapixel camera and LED fill light is symmetric along the central axis. It is worth mentioning that this fill light can be used as a flashlight, it is quite gratifying.

The physical keyboard is hidden under the slider, or the familiar layout, or the nostalgic T9 keyboard. Overall, the keystrokes of the numeric keys are just right, the feedback is full of flexibility, and the five-way navigation keys are somewhat soft. But to be honest, if you want to smooth typing or adapt, after all, our fingers have deteriorated. . .

samgle 8110 (3).jpgsamgle 8110 (3).jpg

Experience: competent phone calls and hotspots

On the hardware side, the Samgle 8810 4G features a dual-core S7701 processor with 642MB of RAM and 128MB of ROM, as well as support for up to 64GB microSD card expansion.

Regardless of the parameters, Samgle 8810 3G has no problems in basic functions, clear calls, good signals, and social software such as facebook, twitter, whatsapp, etc., can be used.

Although it is equipped with a Feature OS with low hardware requirements, its app store's scalability cannot be as rich as Google Pay or App Store, except for the apps that are preset on the phone itself.

The Samgle 8810 3G can quickly activate nine functions including flashlight, camera and flight mode with shortcut keys.

But the good point is that the samgle 8810 3G comes standard with a 1450mAh lithium battery and supports battery replacement. The second is that its standby time can be as long as 17 days, which is definitely a good event for users who often travel or have high demand for hotspots.

In addition, the samgle 8110 3G supports 2G GSM and WCDMA 3G networks and supports dual-card dual-standby single-pass, that is, when the primary card is in the 3G network and the secondary card is in the 2G network. Need to pay attention samgle 8110 4G does not support cdma SIM card.

Summary: The positioning is special but the coverage is very wide

Nowadays people are living very well, and they are beginning to have a leisurely purchase of this kind of partial function machine.

In fact, think about it, samgle 8810 3G can not carry too much life and work attributes, but the ability to talk with long standby, at least to protect the most basic needs of mobile phones, and the ability to replace the battery is even more so that we do not have to worry Endurance problem.

Perhaps for the company/home two-point friends, the machine can only be a hand, but often work on business, can not move around the world, samgle 8810 3G is definitely a good choice.