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Nokia Saipan System Tripartite Brush Package Update! 808/N8/C7/E7 Can Be Upgraded
- Dec 25, 2018 -

When Nokia also ruled the smartphone market, the penetration rate of the Symbian system was very high. It’s just that time has passed, and under the attack of iOS and Android, Symbian has quietly disappeared from the smartphone market.

However, if you have the Nokia 808 Pureview, N8, C7 and E7 phones on hand, the tripartite team Delight has just sent a big gift, they released the latest iteration of Symbian 3.

Among them, 808 is updated to v1.7, C7 is updated to v6.5, E7 is updated to v1.2, and N8 is updated to v6.6. However, C7/E7/N8 only supports English and Russian. Although 808 supports up to 8 languages, there is no Simplified Chinese.

Since the four phones don't support 4G networks, it's frankly difficult to take care of anyone with social needs. These updates are better than nothing.

Take the 808 Pureview released at the latest (2012 MWC) as an example. The biggest highlight is the 41 million pixel Carl Zeiss lens, but the screen is only 4 inches, RAM 512MB, ROM 16GB.