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Nokia Professional Camera Installation Pack Leaks: Non-Nokia Phones Can Run
- Jun 04, 2018 -

Last year, HMD promised to provide Nokia’s professional camera applications for Nokia’s Nokia branded phones with Zeiss certified lenses. An XDA Forum member posted a post that successfully extracted Nokia’s professional camera installation kit, which can be applied to non-Nokia mobile phones (download at the end of this article).

According to linuxct, an XDA forum member, the application has enabled "professional mode" and is supported on all phones equipped with Android 7.0 with Android camera Level 3, Camera 2, including non-Nokia-branded phones.

However, linuxct also prompts in the post, the application also has some bugs, such as the collapse of the phone in a plus. The shutter speed control of the camera will not be reflected by the effect of the program, but it is known from the filming that the settings have been applied.

IT Home also learned from users' feedback that when user feedback was used on the Android 8.0 system's HTC U11, the setup might encounter crash problems; users of Huawei View 10 (ie V10 Overseas Edition) also reported the same problem. .

The history of this app can be traced back to the Windows Phone era. At that time, Nokia introduced several amazing camera apps on mobile phones, including this Nokia professional camera. This application allows the user to manually adjust a number of parameters such as white balance, ISO value and exposure time, and shutter speed.