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New Leak Reveals Nokia's Latest Smartphone
- May 16, 2018 -

It’s not a huge amount to go on, but the profile, along with Rantala’s comments earlier in the year, point towards a new handset that is currently going through testing. If you want some more potential evidence, it’s worth noting the new Nokia handsets recently certified in Russia.

While we don’t have the confirmed specifications of the full specification, the handset will be running Android One, a variant of Android that is overseen by Google - it provides a uniform UI over any device running Android One, and Google will control the software updates and security patches.

Just don’t go looking for the Nokia 3.1 in stores. Given the precedent set by last year’s Nokia 6 being replaced by this year’s Nokia 6 (with the year in brackets during the handover period) the update to the budget Nokia 3 is more than likely going to be… the Nokia 3 - or the Nokia 3 (2018) if it’s a Sunday.

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