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New IPhone SE 2 Leak Reaffirms Bezel-less Design And Face ID
- May 14, 2018 -

Rumors of a new iPhone SE compact phone have been circulating around for at least a hundred years, but there's been somewhat of an increase in the rate and intensity of these rumors lately. And you know: where there's smoke, there's fire – a saying that has proven to hold true more times than not when it comes to smartphone leaks.

At this point, the rumor mill tends to agree that an iPhone SE 2, or iPhone SE (2018), is relatively likely to happen, and soon at that. Where the reports happen to be severely conflicting is exactly what this new iPhone SE will look like. The more conservative ones claim it'll just get a small specifications upgrade, along with a fully glass back panel to facilitate wireless charging. The original model had a mostly aluminum back – a design that cannot work with current wireless charging solutions. However, there have also been a few leaks depicting the new iPhone SE in a way more exciting way: with a modern, bezel-less design and Face ID module, looking very similar to the current premium model, the iPhone X.