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Need A Phone? Get A Huawei P20 With Your TNW2018 Ticket
- May 11, 2018 -

TNW Conference is teaming up with tech giant Huawei for our coolest ticket offer yet. Buy a full access ticket to TNW2018 with our Huawei P20 Pass, and (you guessed it) get a Huawei P20 as well.

The Huawei P20 and a full-conference ticket are on sale now for a combined price of €799, but be quick — we’re only offering 25.

TNW genuinely loves the Huawei P20 range

The P20 boasts a two-lens camera that integrates AI image-processing software. The result? Stunning images no matter the format. The AI automatically detects your surrounding, ensuring optimal photos whether it’s a dark street or a rich landscape.

This AI integration makes the Huawei P20 a perfect fit for TNW Conference. OurMachine:Learners track delves into the future of artificial intelligence, exploring how it can enhance our daily lives. The P20 is a great example of how AI is advancing, and opens up possibilities for the future.