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KaiOS Talks Smart Feature Phones And App Developers
- Jun 14, 2018 -

KaiOS is a Linux-based mobile operating system built on a fork of Firefox OS that first appeared in 2017 and was developed by KaiOS Technologies Inc. in San Diego. We recently chatted with Tim Metz, Marketing Director at KaiOS Technologies, about KaiOS' emerging operating system for smart feature phones. We discuss why these devices are becoming relevant again, what kind of technology they use, and what you need to keep in mind when you decide to bring your content to this form.

ADM: Why should app developers care about feature phones? It’s 2018!

Metz: Despite all the attention for smartphones, there are still an estimated 1.3 billion feature phone users globally, with annual sales in 2017 at between 500 and 600 million devices. Moreover, half the world’s population - over three billion people - still don’t have internet access. While some of them will purchase a smartphone in the near future, many still can’t afford one anytime soon. For them, a smart feature phone that has a store for apps, Wi-Fi, GPS, and such features are the most affordable way to get connected and have a good digital experience.