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Feature Phone
- Nov 14, 2018 -

Feature phone is a major category of mobile phones. Feature phones can meet the needs of many ethnic consumers. Some feature phones are more popular than regular phones that can only be used to make calls and send and receive text messages, such as photos, music files, Internet access, and maps. Features. Like a smartphone, some applications can be run on a feature phone, but most of them are JAVA programs, which are mostly based on JAVA ME or BREW, which is related to JAVA's cross-platform capabilities.

Types of:

Conventional: The upper half is the display and the lower half is the phone.

Flip folding type (commonly known as shell machine): the upper cover is the display screen and the lower cover is the mobile phone keyboard.

Slide type (commonly known as push machine): the upper layer is the display screen, and the lower layer is the mobile phone keyboard, so that the keyboard slides out to use the mobile phone keyboard.

Rotating screen type: The keyboard and screen are opened by rotation, or the screen is directly designed on the rotating shaft.


The power consumption is lower than that of a smart phone, and some mobile phones have a maximum standby time of up to 35 days.

Built-in additional features are sufficient for low-demand consumers, such as flashlights, tape recorders, simple games, clocks and clocks, and radios.

cheap price.

Stability and reception quality is better.

Use objects and occasions:

High-tech industry: In order to prevent confidential outflows or electromagnetic wave signal interference, high-tech industry employees (especially middle and low-level operators and supervisors) are required to carry feature phones that prohibit photography, Internet access, USB transmission and reading memory cards.

Military and government units: Similar to the above reasons, military and government agencies in some countries strictly prohibit mobile phones with functions such as photography, Internet access, and file transmission.

Young children: Parents often limit the use of smartphones by young children to prevent young children from prematurely touching their smartphones and causing eye damage or Internet access and addiction to games. Parents often limit the use of smartphones by young children [3].

Older people: Functional phones that are relatively simple in function and operation are more convenient for the elderly, so they are also called elderly machines and elderly machines in mainland China.


Simple calls or used to send and receive text messages, some will also be equipped with camera lenses.

Some feature phones are equipped with larger buttons for people with presbyopia or the elderly.