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Do Not Underestimate The Feature Phone Market, The Growth Of Global Feature Phone Over Smartphones In 2017
- Jun 13, 2018 -

According to Counterpoint analyst Neil Shah's report, breakthroughs at several key points have contributed to the unexpected rebound of feature phones. First of all, the latest feature phone can finally connect to the current mainstream 4G network instead of the old 2G network. Another key factor is that Indian telecom operator Reliance Jio has introduced a cheap but powerful feature phone that is popular with Indian consumers. Currently, feature phone manufacturers include Alcatel, HMD Global, and Chinese manufacturer voice transmission. The company's brands such as iTel, Tecno and Infinix took a leading position in the African market.

HMD recently revealed that in 2017, a total of 70 million Nokia handsets were sold, most of which were feature phones, including the Nokia 3310, a re-engraved version that was once out of stock. In 2018, HMD also displayed a re-engraved version at the MWC 2018 venue. Nokia 8110 mobile phone. The phone was famous for the 1999 movie "The Matrix." The new Nokia 8110 supports 4G network, 2.4-inch screen, built-in applications such as Facebook and Google Map, and it began attracting attention of consumers after it began to receive the suggested price of US$97 in March.

Neil Shah stressed that there are many users in the market waiting for feature upgrades and the potential demand is huge. In the past, HMD was rapidly expanding in 2017 with an upgraded version of Nokia-enabled mobile phones, bringing the total sales volume to the scale of the top ten brands and becoming the key to the Nokia brand's renaissance.

In addition, many functional mobile phones still implement KaiOS, an open operating system. This is a system modified by Mozilla Firefox mobile operating system software. KaiOS applications are more primitive than smartphones and must be implemented through the HTML5 code standard. Due to the simple operation of KaiOS, feature phone manufacturers in many third world countries love the KaiOS operating system. According to the Counterpoint survey, after Indian telecom operator Reliance Jio launched a feature phone using the KaiOS system in the fourth quarter of 2017, the machine immediately became India’s best-selling mobile phone, and its sales volume also squeezed the leading position of Samsung mobile phones.