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Counterattack Of Feature Phones, 3G Will Become The Biggest Driving Force!
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Why feature phones are still selling well?

According to the data, about one billion mobile phones are sold each year in the world, serving two billion mobile phone users worldwide. It can be said that the feature phone market is still a huge market. For diverse user groups, many users still prefer feature phones instead of smartphones. The reason why these users choose a feature phone is generally based on the following reasons: the function is simple, the mobile phone is light and strong, the battery life is longer, and the cost is lower.

At the same time, users of feature phones will also consider digital, economic or cultural factors, especially the relatively high price of smart phones and data traffic. In addition, making this choice is also due to poor performance and poor quality of low-cost smartphones. In the future, feature phones will still have tremendous opportunities for development and will be developed by vendors.

3G feature phone opportunities

3G feature phones will help OEMs continue to upgrade feature phones and also enable 3G operators to deploy 3G networks.

The positioning of 3G feature phones can satisfy the user groups who only use the basic voice services of mobile phones and cannot afford expensive smartphones and data traffic services. Now, these users can also use the ecological services provided by operators through 3G feature phones, or obtain corresponding Internet services from third-party suppliers.

Companies like KaiOS and Reliance Jio are trying to add more features to 3G phones to attract more users who are not used to the touchscreen, have no dialect content, and have low quality, low-priced smartphones (below $30). . Of course, services such as Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, etc. will also attract users.

The rapid occupation of the market by 3G feature phones demonstrates the strong market potential of 3G feature phones. It is believed that they will soon become the global leader in feature phones.

Although the top five feature phones are still dominated by 2G feature phones, it is believed that with the launch of more 3G feature phones, especially Samgle 3G 3310 and the latest Samgle 3G 8110 phones, the feature phone market will take off in the next few quarters. big change.