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China Unicom Launches VoLTE SMS Gateway Device Public Test
- Oct 30, 2018 -

China Unicom recently announced that it should launch the China Unicom VoLTE SMS gateway device open test in response to the requirements of the new construction project of China Unicom VoLTE SMS Gateway in 2018. The announcement pointed out that manufacturers participating in the 2018 China Unicom VoLTE SMS Gateway new engineering equipment procurement bid must pass this test. Manufacturers who have passed the China Unicom VoLTE/VoWiFi/IM device test may not participate in this test. The original test result is equivalent to the test result.

The test results can be applied to China Unicom's follow-up VoLTE SMS gateway equipment construction project within the validity period. The test results are valid until December 31, 2020.

VoLTE is Voice over LTE. It is an end-to-end voice solution based on the IMS architecture under the all-IP condition of 4G network. It has the features of fast voice call connection, high definition, high video call resolution and smooth picture quality. The communication experience is excellent. On OTT business such as WeChat. Previously, due to the low penetration rate of mobile terminals supporting VoLTE, the voice solutions of telecom operators' 4G networks have mostly chosen the CSFB circuit domain fallback scheme of 4G networks to cooperate with 3G or 2G networks. The launch of the VoLTE service can provide more audio and video call options for 4G mobile phone users, resulting in a better mobile network service experience.

It is understood that in April this year, China Unicom said that VoLTE will have network capabilities in the fourth quarter of this year. Previously, in some parts of China, Unicom users had access to VoLTE services.