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Check Out Our Nokia 8110 4G Video Hands-on From MWC 2018
- Apr 16, 2018 -

Nokia is playing the nostalgia card again this year, following up on the reinvented iconic 3310feature phone from 2017. This time around it's the banana phone redux - meet the Nokia 8110 4G, arriving on the scene 22 years after the original.

The device famously used by Neo in the Matrix movie is reimagined for the modern world, with 4G LTE capabilities, alongside Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and even GPS. It's still unashamedly not a smartphone, as you'd expect from a handset sporting a 2.4-inch 240x320 display that isn't touch-sensitive.

Still, you get 512MB of RAM and the Snapdragon 205 platform powering it, so performance isn't lacking - for what this offers. It even has an app store of sorts in its software that's based on a fork of the now-defunct Firefox OS. So it's an intriguing (and very yellow) handset for sure.

Here are our initial impressions of it delivered to you in video form.

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