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Apple's Mobile Phone Also Uses 3G Memory? Android Phone Is About To Enter The Era Of 10G Memory!
- Jun 09, 2018 -

Half of this year has passed. Each of its flagships has also been released one after another. Putting aside the features and appearance, which cell phone is currently the strongest super flagship? It may be that ASUS ROG game phones released a few days ago. To go with a 3Ghz overclocked version of the Snapdragon 845 processor, as well as 8G of the large storage +512G of the fuselage storage, such a combination of performance estimates will burst the table, deserves to be the strongest eye of pronation.

But do you think this is the strongest? Recently, a foreign god revealed an interest in ASUS. It was because ASUS wanted to put 10G memory chips in this phone. However, due to the stability of the internal structure of the phone and the incapability of packaging, it caused miscarriage.

If Asustek really put this 10G memory chip into the cell phone, then the world's first 10G memory cell phone was born. It is estimated that it is a great gimmick! The 10G memory, once again refreshed the operating memory limit of the Android phone, and even more than some high-end computers, after all, the computer is still more 8G memory.

In fact, Asustek is not the first time to do so, as early as Asus to grab the world's first Xiaolong 821 processor, the world's first 4G and 8G storage memory, and now want to grab the world's first 10G memory, but unfortunately unsuccessful. After this news was exposed, many netizens were also very excited, because this means that the flagship mobile phone with 10G memory is about to meet with us, just like the previous fingerprint identification under the screen.

Asustek's failure, and on behalf of other mobile phone manufacturers are not trying, but in the second half of the Meizu, Huawei, Xiaomi and other annual flagship has not yet released, they are likely to carry 10G shipped out of memory? Xiaozhi thinks it is very promising, especially for the stockpiling madness millet. In the annual full-screen flagship millet MIX3, maybe it will be able to handle this problem and become the world's first 10G mobile phone!

Some netizens also said that nowadays, 6G mobile phones are generally sufficient for storage, 8G storage is a waste of some, but also what 10G need to use it? Ha ha, when you say this, you should go through a few years ago to see the popularity of 3G. When 4G is considered as a big game, it is also enough to say. Now? Even a hundred yuan machine has to be standard 3G shipped.

With the development of mobile games and VR virtual reality, AR augmented reality, AI artificial intelligence and other technologies, even if the 8G storage will not be used enough, it will not even reach the era of the Internet of Everything. Therefore, which manufacturer can grab the first 10G deposit will surely grab a lot of users. It depends on who has this technical strength. And Apple also needs to speed up, and now the latest iPhone X is still 3G. .