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3G Mobile Application
- Mar 29, 2018 -

3G mobile phone video surveillance adopts the latest 3G mobile communication technology and targets the needs of home, small-scale enterprises or users in certain industries. It has designed and implemented a mobile video surveillance device that is easy to install, flexible in operation, and cost-effective. Mobile phone video surveillance accesses 3G networks through 3G wireless internet cards, which can be used simply by inserting a SIM card on the mobile phone video surveillance according to the local 3G network standard. 3G mobile video surveillance not only provides a way to access via the Internet, but also provides a more creative way of monitoring 3G video phone channels. This way, if you use an ordinary 3G mobile phone, you don't need to install the software. Just dial a video call and the camera's real-time monitoring video will immediately appear in front of you, making monitoring very simple.