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2G Network Is Too Dangerous. Three Major Operators Are Speeding Up The Shutdown: One Is Not Paying Attention To Your Bank Card Being Stolen
- Oct 26, 2018 -

2G network is too dangerous. Three major operators are speeding up the shutdown: one is not paying attention to your bank card being stolen

According to CCTV news reports, in recent days, many users have inexplicably received many SMS verification codes from three-party payment platforms or financial institutions such as banks. The next step is that bank cards have been sneaked or unreasonably reserved for a large number of useless payments. Service, the loss can be described as heavy, and this happens when the mobile phone signal suddenly drops from 4G to 2G, what is going on?

Why does the cell phone signal suddenly drop from 4G to 2G?

After investigation, it was found that the mobile phone signal suddenly dropped from 4G to 2G, which is the main reason for the theft of the above-mentioned bank cards. The criminal suspects can easily intercept the bank and operate by illegally purchasing SMS sniffing equipment and exploiting the GSM communication protocol vulnerability. The SMS that the merchant sent you, such as the verification code.

Compared with the 3G network, the security of the 2G network is very low, and the short message and the call information are transmitted in plaintext, so this also gives the criminal suspects a gap that can be utilized. The criminals forcefully turn your 3G/4G network into a 2G network through a "pseudo base station" and then proceed with the above criminal process.

How to avoid it?

The operator advises users to activate the VoLTE function, which ensures that your call, SMS and other information are transmitted through 4G network, so it is more secure. Secondly, financial institutions such as banks and third-party payment platforms should continue to strengthen the multiple verification of security factors. Introduce a more complete and reliable verification method, not just a single means of text messaging.

In addition, regulators and operators must work together to combat such illegal equipment, such as "pseudo base stations", "sms sniffing" and other equipment, leaving no illegal elements to take advantage of.

Solve the problem at all: turn off the 2G network

In fact, the key to the above problems is caused by the defects of the 2G network itself, so it is inevitable to close the corresponding network. Operators have already begun to do so, but the speed of advancement is not fast enough.

At present, the three major operators have announced that they are closing 2G networks. Among them, China Unicom is the fastest, and many provinces are already urging users to migrate to 3G networks, and base station frequency reduction is also underway.

In fact, in addition to insecurity, it is necessary to shut down the 2G network. The three major operators have shut down the network. The greater power comes from the use of the golden bands occupied by 2G networks, such as 900MHz and 1800MHz, to the 5G network. Certain base station construction costs can also be supported by more mature equipment manufacturers, while countries such as Japan and the United States have already closed down and completed user migration.