Zoey 3G Network 3D Curved

Samgle zoey 3G: Heading to the future! Can you find a phone with the below features? 3G Featured Phone Rainbow button 3D Screen Display:2.4" inch curved window Storage:128MB+64MB Support micro SD (T-Flash):Max to 32GB Camera:Rear SW 2.0M Color:Black、Purple、Blue Wireless & Networks Band...

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Samgle zoey 3G: Heading to the future! Can you find a phone with the below features?
3G Featured Phone
Rainbow button
3D Screen
Display:2.4" inch curved window
Support micro SD (T-Flash):Max to 32GB
Camera:Rear SW 2.0M


Wireless & Networks
Band Details(EU):
GSM:B2/B3/B5/B8 (1900/1800/850/900)
WCDMA:B1/B8 (2100/900)
SIM Card Type: SIM + SIM + TF
Language:English, Espanol, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Poland, Dutch, Bahasa Melayu, Chinese, Hindi, Tamil, Thai, myanmar,
SIM:Dual sim dual standby, Dual SIM; SIM1 is 3G, SIM2 is 2G


Dimension and Weight
Product size: 5*126*14.3mm
Product weight:64.5g
Battery weight:32g
Package size:142*136*35mm


1 x Phone
1 x Battery (1450 mAh)
1 x AC power charger adapter ( 100~240V / EU plug)
1 x English user manual


*The actual size and weight of the phone may vary due to different specifications and assembly tolerance
*The above data were gathered in tests in a lab environment. To avoid phone damage or malfunctioning
please avoid using your phone under extreme conditions

Q: What is the battery capacity of this phone?
A: Please kindly note that the battery capacity is 1450mAh.

Q: Does it accept a microsd card? Does it have an output jack for earphones?
A: Built-in 8GB TF Card:
Accepts compatible cards up to 8GB for easy expansion
Yes, there is an output jack for earphones.

Q: Does the phone need handsfree in order to play FM radio ?
A: it can support handsfree FM radio.

Q: does this phone vibrates?
A: This phone will vibrate.

Q: tem idioma em portugues brasil
A: The item supports the following languages:English, Espanol, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Russian, Arabic,Poland, Dutch, Bahasa Melayu, Chinese, Hindi, Tamil, Thai, myanmar,

Q: Hi, Is this phone waterproof or splashproof? thaks
A: Sorry that it is not the waterproof one, you should be careful about water.
Thanks for your attention.

Q: Really the talktime is 12 minuts?
A: The Talk time is about 12 hours and stand by time is 295 - 300 hours.

Q: What is the battery capacity of this phone?
A: Please kindly note that the battery capacity is 1450mAh.


What is an EVDO Phone?
A cellular phone that uses evolution data optimized (EVDO) wireless broadband technology is called an EVDO phone. EVDO, also known as evolution data only, is used for the data transmission between a cell phone and a transmission tower. It is used for accessing email and web browsing on a cell phone. EVDO technology does not process voice transmissions.
The most popular wireless networks include the Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). EVDO runs on CDMA networks. While CDMA is available from the majority of United States cell phone providers, GSM remains more popular in the rest of the world. EVDO phones are readily available in the United States, Canada, and Japan, but are less popular in other parts of the world, including Europe.
EVDO availability changes as often as technology is updated. Not all cell phones on CDMA networks will pick up EVDO service when it becomes available. Each device must be EVDO-compatible to work on the system. Some users may need to purchase an upgraded EVDO phone if EVDO becomes available on the network.
The advantages of an EVDO phone include faster connection, download, and upload speeds compared to phones without this technology. To achieve these high speeds, EVDO technology breaks data into small pieces called packets. Each packet then travels separately through the network using the fastest route available. These information packets are then reassembled at the destination point.
Speed is essential when downloading large amounts of data using a cell phone. With its upgraded speed, an EVDO phone is well-suited to support mobile broadband applications such as music downloads, downloading large email attachments, and video streaming. An EVDO phone's speed will be limited in areas where digital EVDO service is not available.
Some EVDO phones can also be connected to a laptop to enable wireless web surfing from the laptop. This practice is known as tethering. Software may need to be downloaded to the computer to enable tethering. When tethered to a computer, an EDVO phone acts as a modem. Tethering usually incurs an additional fee charged by the wireless service provider.
Like most current technology, EVDO continues to evolve to provide better, faster service. As of October 2009, the most current version of EDVO was EVDO Rev. A. As wireless providers offer more robust services, the networks used to deliver them, such as EVDO, will most likely be upgraded as well.


What is a USB LED Light?
A USB light-emitting diode (LED) light is a small, portable lamp that plugs into the USB port, used to illuminate a laptop keyboard in dimly lit conditions. The LED headlamp is attached to a long, flexible gooseneck, allowing it to be positioned to suit the user's needs. A USB LED light receives the power it requires from the USB port, and functions as long as the computer is powered up.
Mobile computers have provided consumers with the convenience to work and play in a variety of settings and lighting conditions that are often less than optimal for seeing the keyboard. External lighting isn’t always available, and when it is, it might bother other people, such as a spouse or sibling. Some people simply prefer to work, game, or watch movies with the warm glow of the computer screen as the only light source. Working in the dark might also be a necessity, such as when giving a work presentation. In all of these situations a USB LED light will provide light where it’s needed without disturbing those nearby or the surrounding ambiance.
USB lights come in a variety of models. Lamps with a single LED light might not provide enough illumination for some people. Those looking for a brighter solution can consider models that incorporate up to eight or more individual LEDs packed into rows on the headlamp. A USB LED light with several LEDs might also feature a brightness switch, with low, medium and high settings corresponding to the number of LEDs in use.
There can be a tradeoff, however, in choosing a USB LED light with a large headlamp. Some people find it difficult to position the head so that it illuminates the keyboard without getting in the way of the screen. Choosing a lamp with a longer gooseneck can minimize this problem by providing a greater range of positioning options.
USB LED lights work with any operating system and any USB port that delivers 5-volts of power. This includes desktops and netbooks as well as laptops. If a light is left plugged into a USB port and the machine is turned off, the light will also turn off. Lamps are extremely lightweight and can be easily stowed in a computer case.
Depending on the model, USB LED lights are available in a range of prices. Many online retailers include customer reviews which can be very helpful in choosing a good model. The most popular lamps provide sufficient brightness with longer necks that are flexible enough to be positioned accurately while holding the position well. USB lights are available wherever computer products are sold.


What is 3G Technology?
3G technology is a standard of cellular phone service first approved by the International Telecommunication Union in 1999. The term 3G stands for third generation, as this level of technology follows two earlier mobile telecommunications standards, 1G and 2G. 1G was analog technology used mainly in the 1980s, while 2G, used primarily in the 1990s, was digital but only allowed voice and limited data functionality. Also known as International Mobile Telecommunications-2000, or IMT-2000, 3G offers several advantages over these previous iterations.
One of the benefits of using 3G technology is its capability to allow users access to voice and data functions at the same time. In addition to supporting traditional wireless phone calls and text messaging, Web-based applications such as streaming video, e-mail, and video conferencing are also supported. Phones designed to work with 3G, commonly known as smartphones, can also be used to browse the Internet and download data files. This allows users much more freedom to perform tasks, do work, and have access to information while they are mobile.
Another advantage of 3G technology is a faster rate of data transfer. Due to use of greater bandwidth and higher transfer rates, transmission of data is much faster than with 1G or 2G phones. Potential speed with 3G is around two to t
Additional security features are another benefit of 3G technology. Encryption of data being transmitted is stronger and more robust than on the older 2G technology, using algorithms such as Kasumi and Advanced Encryption Standard, or AES. Equipment can also authenticate that it is accessing the correct network. Users can also choose to incorporate a VPN connection to add even more security for the data they are transmitting.
In order to offer 3G technology, wireless carriers were required to upgrade their infrastructure to allow for the greater bandwidth it requires. Some operators have had to expand the capabilities of existing networks and equipment, while others have had to build new ones. In some areas, it was necessary to license new radio frequencies to carry the signal. Due to the costs associated with all of these upgrades, rollout of 3G was at times delayed in some places. The first country to develop the capability and launch 3G was Japan in 2001, with other countries throughout the world following in the next few years.

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