3G Zoey Female Phone

Samgle zoey 3G: We've reimagined the button. Now reimagine how you experience the world. Q: Does this phone support 3G ? A: This phone does sopport 3G network. Q: Does this phone work in Portugal and is it available in Portuguese? A: Please check with your local communication company if they...

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Product Details

Samgle zoey 3G: We've reimagined the button. Now reimagine how you experience the world.

Basic Information

Model: Samgle 3G ZOEY
ROM: 128MB
External Memory: TF card up to 32GB (not included)


Screen size: 2.4 inch
Screen resolution: 240x320


Network type: GSM+WCDMA
Frequency: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz WCDMA 900/2100MHz
Bluetooth: Yes


Camera type: Single camera
Back-camera: 0.08MP ( SW 2.0MP )


SIM Card Slot: Dual SIM,Dual Standby
TF card slot: Yes
Micro USB Slot: Yes
Audio out port: Yes (3.5mm audio out port)


Languages: English, Espanol, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Poland, Dutch, Bahasa Melayu, Chinese, Hindi, Tamil, Thai, Myanmar

Package Contents

3G Phone: 1
Battery: 1450mAh Li-ion removable battery
Charger: 1
English Manual : 1


Product size: 12.78 x 5.45 x 1.45 cm
Package size: 15.00 x 15.00 x 4.00 cm
Product weight: 95g
Package weight:190 kg

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Q: Does this phone support 3G ?
A: This phone does sopport 3G network.

Q: Does this phone work in Portugal and is it available in Portuguese?
A: Please check with your local communication company if they suport this network frequency:
GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Yes, it has Portuguese language

Q: hi i want to ask if this phone have a Italian language and if work in Italian the phone signal
A: Languages: English, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Italian, Thai, Hungarian, Dutch, Hebrew, Romanian.
In this area can fonction.
Network type: GSM
Frequency: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz. 3G WCDMA: 900/2100

Q: Does it have vibrator and plane mode?
A: It has vibrator and plane mode.

Q: does it support Arabic
A: It does support Hebrew.
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Czech, Dutch, Russian, Arabic

Q: Is this model really installed in Czech?Language Russian?
A: Thanks for your inquiry.
English, Espanol, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Russian, Arabic,Poland, Dutch, Bahasa Melayu, Chinese, Hindi, Tamil, Thai, myanmar,
Please note that it can be set to Russian

What is HSDPA?
HSDPA, short for High-Speed Downlink Packet Access, is a new protocol for mobile telephone data transmission. It is known as a 3.5G (G stands for generation) technology. Essentially, the standard will provide download speeds on a mobile phone equivalent to an ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) line in a home, removing any limitations placed on the use of your phone by a slow connection. It is an evolution and improvement on W-CDMA, or Wideband Code Division Multiple Access, a 3G protocol. This protocol improves the data transfer rate by a factor of at least five over W-CDMA. HSDPA can achieve theoretical data transmission speeds of 8-10 Mbps (megabits per second). Though any data can be transmitted, applications with high data demands such as video and streaming music are the focus of HSDPA.
HSDPA improves on W-CDMA by using different techniques for modulation and coding. It creates a new channel within W-CDMA called HS-DSCH, or high-speed downlink shared channel. That channel performs differently than other channels and allows for faster downlink speeds. It is important to note that the channel is only used for downlink. That means that data is sent from the source to the phone. It isn't possible to send data from the phone to a source using HSDPA. The channel is shared between all users which lets the radio signals to be used most effectively for the fastest downloads.
The widespread availability of this protocol may take a while to be realized, or it may never be achieved. Most countries did not have a widespread 3G network in place as of the end of 2005. Many mobile telecommunications providers are working quickly to deploy 3G networks which can be upgraded to 3.5G when the market demand exists. Other providers tested HSDPA through 2005 and are rolling out the service in mid to late 2006. Early deployments of the service will be at speeds much lower than the theoretically possible rates. Early service will be at 1.8 Mbps, with upgrades to 3.6Mbps as devices are made available that can handle that increased speed.
The long-term acceptance and success of the protocol is unclear, because it is not the only alternative for high speed data transmission. Standards like CDMA2000 1xEV-DO and WiMax are other potential high speed standards. Since HSDPA is an extension of W-CDMA, it is unlikely to succeed in locations where W-CDMA has not been deployed. Therefore, the eventual success of the protocol as a 3.5G standard will first depend upon the success of W-CDMA as a 3G standard.

What are the Different Types of Smartphone Applications?
There are hundreds of thousands of smartphone applications available for consumers, with more invented everyday. Modern apps are used for everything from entertainment to tracking social networking to reading a book, with the only limitation being the imagination of the consumer. Popular smartphone applications are also used within the business world to translate documents, exchange currencies, or even to purchase stocks and bonds. Some other smartphone apps are used for shopping, finding directions, and keeping up with world events.
When most people first think of a smartphone, they see it as a way to stay connected with the world around them. Some of the most popular smartphone applications allow users to visit social networking websites and interact with friends and family from anywhere. Catching up on local news or finding an accurate weather report is also just a click or two away, which is why most smartphone users download these types of applications first. Of course, the entertainment applications are also extremely popular with consumers as well.
Speaking of entertainment, some of the most popular types of smartphone applications have to do with watching live video, reading books, or playing video games. Many companies offer downloads of popular television shows or movies right to the user's handheld device, and several of these services are completely free of charge. Other applications allow consumers to download books and even have them read aloud to them. The average user also downloads many types of games to his or her handheld device simply because it is such a great way to pass time between meetings or classes.
Businesses use smartphone applications for a completely different reason. The technology allows a team of professionals to share documents in real time, download file extensions, and even share graphical presentations. Others will use their smartphone for trading stocks, purchasing commodities, or advising clients on ways to stay productive. Many businesses also have customized smartphone applications created to fit their needs.
Another type of smartphone application can help users interpret the world around them in almost any situation. Users can download maps of their general area, find a restaurant, or locate the nearest bank. Applications are also available that track local economies to tell consumers where the least expensive gasoline is in the area, or when to book an airline flight to save the most money. There is very little that consumers cannot do with a smartphone application.

What are Cordless Speakers?
Cordless speakers provide a wireless way to enjoy music, radio, television, DVD or compact disk players. While standard speakers require speaker cable running to each speaker, cordless speakers receive audio signals wirelessly using radio wave technology. Cordless speakers can augment a wired speaker sound system, or can be used independently.
Cordless speakers come with a transmitter which sits on or next to the unit that is generating the audio signal. The transmitter sends the audio signal out via radio waves that are picked up by small receivers located within the cordless speakers. Each speaker also contains an amplifier to boost output. The amplifier requires battery power or an optional power adapter that plugs into an AC wall outlet.
Though using the AC-powered option on cordless speakers does not make the speakers totally cordless, it does eliminate the need in most cases to run speaker wire across floors or through walls. The battery option is handy for taking cordless speakers out by the pool, the barbecue, or on a balcony or deck. Though cordless speakers vary in specifications, the average model can transmit up to about 328 feet (100 meters) outdoors, and roughly 100-130 feet (~30-40 meters) indoors when traveling through walls or ceilings and floors.
Since cordless speakers contain their own amplifiers, they generally feature volume control. Bass, boost and other basic auditory enhancements might also be incorporated in the speaker cabinet. Speakers are generally modest in size and sound quality varies with brand and model.
There are many advantages to cordless speakers. They can be utilized as rear speakers in a surround entertainment system, eliminating the need to run speaker cable across a wood floor. They can be used to listen to MP3 players and portable CD players. They’re also great for moving around the house as you work. They can go from the kitchen, to the basement, to the laundry room and garage. The central stereo system need not be turned up full blast to cover the entire house.
Disadvantages can include a less robust sound for audiophiles, and possible interference from surrounding electronic devices. If using cordless speakers with batteries to be completely cord-free, the cost of replacement batteries can add up.
However, used shrewdly, cordless speakers can be a great asset to anyone’s entertainment setup. They can provide mobile music almost anywhere in the home or yard and are reasonably priced. Cordless speakers are available in retail stores and online at most outlets that sell electronic equipment.

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