3310 2.4-inch 3G Feature Phone

Samgle 3G 3310 comes in 5 color variants, Black, yellow, Red, Blue, Orange Display:2.4" inch curved window Storage:128MB+64MB Support micro SD (T-Flash):Max to 32GB Camera:Rear SW 2.0M Color:Orange、Black、Yellow、Red、Blue Wireless & Networks Band Details(EU): GSM:B2/B3/B5/B8...

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Samgle 3G 3310 comes in 5 color variants, Black, yellow, Red, Blue, Orange
Display:2.4" inch curved window
Support micro SD (T-Flash):Max to 32GB
Camera:Rear SW 2.0M


Wireless & Networks
Band Details(EU):
GSM:B2/B3/B5/B8 (1900/1800/850/900)
WCDMA:B1/B8 (2100/900)
SIM Card Type: SIM + SIM + TF
Language:English, Espanol, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Poland, Dutch, Bahasa Melayu, Chinese, Hindi, Tamil, Thai, myanmar,
SIM:Dual sim dual standby, Dual SIM; SIM1 is 3G, SIM2 is 2G


Dimension and Weight
Product size: 5*126*14.3mm
Product weight:64.5g
Battery weight:32g
Package size:142*136*35mm


1 x Phone
1 x Battery (1450 mAh)
1 x AC power charger adapter ( 100~240V / EU plug)
1 x English user manual


*The actual size and weight of the phone may vary due to different specifications and assembly tolerance
*The above data were gathered in tests in a lab environment. To avoid phone damage or malfunctioning
please avoid using your phone under extreme conditions

Q: Price and delivery time of the parcel to Bulgaria? Wholesale price?
A: You can see the shipping costs and delivery time for your order during the checkout.
Simply add your products to your cart and select the country of delivery, then the available shipping options and costs will be displayed.
We have 3 methods of delivery, the estimated shipping times are below:
1) Expedited Shipping: 3-7 business days
2) Unregistered Air Mail & Registered Air Mail: 10-40 business days
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Q: I have two questions about this phone: 1) Does this phone have Wi-Fi? 2) Can WhatsApp be installed on this phone?
A: It does not have wifi. It can support to install WhatsApp.

Q: Does this phone have Hotspot option for sharing internet data?
A: Sorry it doesn't

Q: does this phone work with frequencies available in uk
A: 1)Please kindly confirm the network .
GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz,
3G: WCDMA 900/2100MHz
2)Unlocked for Worldwide use. Please ensure local area network is compatible. click here http://maps.mobileworldlive.com/ for Network Frequency of your country. Please check with your carrier/provider before purchasing this item.
If these terms are appropriate, then you can use it.

Q: What's the operating system, is it Android? Which version?
A: This item comes without operating system.


What is a Mobile Phone Virus?
With the growth of the smart phone, mobile phones with Internet connectivity that work like a handheld computer, phone users have also seen the advent of the mobile phone virus. In 2004, the first mobile phone virus, called Cabir, was unleashed, and proved relatively innocuous. The virus form affected phones running Symbian operating systems (OS). It affected phones that were using Bluetooth®, and once the virus was in the phone, it would seek out other Bluetooth® capable devices, infecting them also.
Cabir was an example of a worm, a virus that replicates on other devices. Since Bluetooth® only has a short range, the virus technically could only spread to other devices in close proximity, but, as people moved, they could technically encounter a lot of other smart phones on the move. The spread was quick and the virus is now present in numerous countries. Fortunately, this mobile phone virus only changed a few words, and didn’t affect operation of the phone, though the scanning for other Bluetooth® devices could quickly drain the phone’s battery. Other viruses are not so innocent, and folks are worried that some viruses might be used to completely disable phones, charge customers (which has occurred with the 2006 RedBrowser), or gather secure information about smart phone users.
Another worm making its appearance in 2005 was CommWarrior. It also sends out copies of itself through Bluetooth®, and it can make automatic replies to texts, thus sending the worm on to other users. Doombot appeared in 2006, a Trojan horse virus that appears to be a downloadable cell phone copy of the game Doom 2. When it is downloaded onto a cellphone, it automatically installs both Cabir and CommWarrior, and then keeps the phone from operating properly.
RedBrowser has been most expensive for people, especially in Russia, and is another example of the Trojan horse virus. It makes text calls to a phone number in Russia, which are then charged to the user. Another mobile phone virus that has many people concerned is Flexispy, a bit of spyware that sends logs of the phone calls you make to an Internet server.
People are right to be concerned about the spread of mobile phone viruses to their phones, yet many who study and research this area find that most people don’t take basic precautionary measures. There are numerous security programs for mobile phones, and a lot of people don’t take the time to install them. Additionally, if you want to avoid viruses transmitted by Bluetooth®, you can set your phone to “hidden” or “undiscoverable” while you’re not using it. Taking precautions is excellent, and it’s a good idea not to accept or download any files you don’t recognize, especially if they come from an unknown user.
Since the advent of the Internet, computer virus hoaxes have competed with computer viruses. The same is true of the mobile phone virus. There are real hoaxes, just as there are real viruses. One recent one had folks believing that calls from Pakistan to Afghanistan would transmit an actual physical virus that could cause users to become sick. Mainly, you simply need to be worried about the viruses that might make your mobile phone sick. Installing antivirus programs makes good sense, especially if you want to keep your smart phones healthy.


Do All Carriers Support Unlocked Cell Phones?
Any carrier that services GSM phones will support unlocked cell phones. However, most carriers do not advertise unlocking services, which leaves customers unaware of the concept and benefits of unlocking phones and switching SIM cards. Furthermore, customers are often scared away by the high price of unlocked cell phones without understanding the long-term savings of unlocked devices.
Currently, it is legal in all countries to unlock cell phones and use any SIM card in any GSM phone. As previously stated, most carriers will not advertise this service though because they want to sell you a phone, or keep you in a contract. If a person is obligated to a contract they can stay with the carrier, but find an unlocked phone that is more desirable or suitable for their needs. Unlocked cell phones are also very convenient when a contract is still in tact, but the originally purchased phone has been lost, damaged, or stolen.
International travelers often find unlocked cell phones to be a cost -effective alternative to paying international calling fees. Any GSM cell phone can be unlocked and a customer can insert a pre-paid SIM card to pay for international calling. This can add up to substantial savings, depending on how many calls are made and the price of the pre-paid plan.
To find a carrier that supports unlocked cell phones simply find out if they sell GSM cell phones. GSM phones are the only type of cell phones that use SIM cards, which is what is needed to be able to switch between unlocked devices. If you purchase an unlocked phone, but it is without a SIM card, ask the carrier of your choice if they can give one to you. The SIM card should be free, as this is what will provide the phone service you will be paying for anyway.
Keep in mind that if a person decides to switch SIM cards between phones, each phone needs to be unlocked for this to work. Some carriers will provide a code which will unlock a cell phone. Customers can also choose to pay a private company, either in person or via Internet, to help unlock a cell phone. Another option is to purchase the phone already unlocked, however buyers should be careful when purchasing from online retailers as some phones are not truly unlocked.
Generally speaking, the U.S. carriers that sell GSM phones and that operate by way of SIM cards include AT&T, T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, and Nextel. Pre-paid SIM cards can be found around the world. In Australia, JUST Prepaid Mobile as well as Passport SIM Card can be purchased to offset the high cost of international calls for travelers.

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