Zoey 2.4'' Display Zoey Child Phone

With 1450mAh large battery, Samgle zoey 2G provides you with unbelievably long-lasting companion. Even under heave use, it can last at least 12 days. Display:2.4" inch curved window Storage:32MB+32MB Support micro SD (T-Flash):Max to 32GB Camera:Rear SW 2.0M Color:Black、Purple、Blue Wireless...

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With 1450mAh large battery, Samgle zoey 2G provides you with unbelievably long-lasting companion. Even under heave use, it can last at least 12 days.
Display:2.4" inch curved window
Support micro SD (T-Flash):Max to 32GB
Camera:Rear SW 2.0M


Wireless & Networks
Band Details(EU):
GSM:B2/B3/B5/B8 (1900/1800/850/900)
SIM Card Type: SIM + SIM + TF
Language:English, Espanol, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Poland, Dutch, Bahasa Melayu, Chinese, Hindi, Tamil, Thai, myanmar,
SIM:Dual sim dual standby, Dual SIM; SIM1 is 2G, SIM2 is 2G


Dimension and Weight
Product size: 5*126*14.3mm
Product weight:64.5g
Battery weight:32g
Package size:142*136*35mm


1 x Phone
1 x Battery (1450 mAh)
1 x AC power charger adapter ( 100~240V / EU plug)
1 x English user manual


*The actual size and weight of the phone may vary due to different specifications and assembly tolerance
*The above data were gathered in tests in a lab environment. To avoid phone damage or malfunctioning
please avoid using your phone under extreme conditions

Q: does this phone work with frequencies available in uk
A: 1)Please kindly confirm the network.
GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz,
3G: WCDMA 900/2100MHz
2)Unlocked for Worldwide use. Please ensure local area network is compatible. click here http://maps.mobileworldlive.com/ for Network Frequency of your country. Please check with your carrier/provider before purchasing this item.
If these terms are appropriate, then you can use it.

Q: Really the talktime is 12 minuts?
A: The Talk time is about 12 hours and stand by time is 295 - 300 hours.

Q: Does this phone work in Portugal and is it available in Portuguese?
A: Please check with your local communication company if they suport this network frequency:
GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Yes, it has Portuguese language

Q: Hi there I was wondering if this phone works in Australia 3G or 4g or 5 g networks thank you
A: This phone will work with GSM networks: 2g:GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz .
3G: WCDMA 900/2100MHz

Q: hello, does this phone have the feature to record incoming calls?thank you
A: Thanks for your inquiry.
Please note that it has the call records

Q: Hi, does the phone have Russian language?
A: yes, it does have Russian language.

Q: Hi, does the phone have chinese settings and can it support 3G network?
A: it can support Chinese and
It can use 3g network


What is a SIM Lock?
A SIM lock is a function built into many mobile telephones that allows phone service providers to lock a phone so it can only be used under certain circumstances. These circumstances are typically involved with retaining phone service, such as only allowing the phone to work in certain countries or on networks provided by a specific company. This locking function is connected to the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) provided with the phone and ensures that the phone can only be used in a way the service provider wishes. A SIM lock can be unlocked by the company that provides the phone service or by using a number of different third-party applications.
Also called a “simlock” or network lock, a SIM lock is usually meant to ensure that customers who purchase a phone from a particular company continue to use that company’s services. Unless unlocked, a card that is locked will typically work only with the network provided by a particular company or in a certain region. This is done to encourage customers of a mobile service provider to remain loyal to that provider in the long run. Phones that have a SIM lock may also be less expensive than unlocked phones, since they typically ensure that the customer purchasing the phone only uses the network provided by the selling company.
The SIM lock on a phone is typically associated with the SIM card provided with the phone, meaning a customer using a particular mobile provider will be locked on any phone he or she uses with that card. SIM cards allow customers to transfer their information and phone service between different phones. The SIM lock on these cards allows providers to ensure that a customer continues to use their service while under contract.
Most mobile network providers can unlock a SIM lock if asked to do so by a customer. There are typically no statutes requiring that providers do so, however, so it is up to a company to decide whether a SIM card should be unlocked. Even once unlocked, the phone may still retain firmware associated with the service provider, such as menus and operating systems. This is why an unlocked phone may still display the logo for a certain service provider on startup.
A phone with a SIM lock can also typically be unlocked using third-party programs and services. The legality of such services is somewhat questionable, but typically is allowed though such companies may charge a sizable fee. Information provided by a person to have a SIM card unlocked can also potentially be used by someone else to spoof the person’s phone information. This could allow someone else to use his or her service and could lead to legal complications or service cancellation in the long run.


What is an SMS Address?
A short messaging service (SMS) address is the equivalent email address used by SMS systems to send messages to a mobile phone through the SMS system. For most users within the United States (US) and Canada, their SMS address will be their phone number, including area code, following by an address locator that depends on the phone service they have. By understanding a person’s SMS address, someone can easily and quickly send text messages to another person’s mobile phone without using a phone or SMS program, and can instead simply use an email provider.
SMS systems allow people to quickly and easily send messages to each other using mobile phones and computers. These messages are typically limited to around 140 characters, though some services will also allow images, sound files, and even video files to be sent through the system. An SMS address is the location used by phones or computers to send messages through an SMS system to another mobile phone. By knowing a person’s SMS address, someone else can quickly and easily send text messages to the other person through any email service.
For most North American mobile phone users, their SMS address will be their mobile phone number, including area code, followed by “@” and the identifier of the mobile service they use. This identifier depends on the mobile service a person has, much like traditional emails are sent to a person’s email account and require an identifier for the email service the recipient uses. The identifiers for most mobile phone providers are readily available on the Internet and can be used to determine the SMS address of anyone in combination with a person’s phone number.
Some common services and identifiers include Verizon Wireless® with @vtext.com, Cingular® which uses @mobile.mycingular.com, T-Mobile® with @tmomail.net, and Boost Mobile® which uses @myboostmobile.com. In order to determine someone’s SMS address, a person simply needs to know his or her mobile phone number and the mobile provider he or she uses. For example, if a person has the phone number (012) 345-6789 and had mobile service with Verizon Wireless®, then his or her SMS address would be 0123456789@vtext.com.
Parentheses and hyphens are not used in SMS addresses, and a one is not placed before the area code for most North American users. This address can be entered into an email service, in a message’s “To:” line and used to send a message through an SMS system to a person’s mobile phone. Much like text messaging, the system will cut off characters past the limit of around 140, and the receiver may need to pay any typical rates for receiving text messages, depending on his or her provider and service type.

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