3310 2G Phone Child Phone

The all new #Samgle 2G 3310 Series brings to you a futuristic design. Display:2.4" inch curved window Storage:32MB+32MB Support micro SD (T-Flash):Max to 32GB Camera:Rear SW 2.0M Color:Orange、Black、Yellow、Red、Blue Wireless & Networks Band Details(EU): GSM:B2/B3/B5/B8 (1900/1800/850/900)...

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Product Details

The all new #Samgle 2G 3310 Series brings to you a futuristic design.
Display:2.4" inch curved window
Support micro SD (T-Flash):Max to 32GB
Camera:Rear SW 2.0M


Wireless & Networks
Band Details(EU):
GSM:B2/B3/B5/B8 (1900/1800/850/900)


Dimension and Weight
Product size: 5*126*14.3mm
Product weight:64.5g
Battery weight:32g
Package size:142*136*35mm


1 x Phone
1 x Battery (1450 mAh)
1 x AC power charger adapter ( 100~240V / EU plug)
1 x English user manual


Q: will this phone work in Australia?
A: Please confirm GSM networks: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz,
3G: WCDMA 900/2100MHz.
Tip: Unlocked for Worldwide use. Please ensure local area network is compatible. Click herehttp://maps.mobileworldlive.com/ for Network Frequency of your country. Please check with your carrier/provider before purchasing this item.
Best Regards

Q: Qual o idioma desse aparelho. Portugues?
A: Please note below:
Languages: English, Espanol, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Poland, Dutch, Bahasa Melayu, Chinese, Hindi, Tamil, Thai, myanmar,
It supports Portuguese.
Thanks for your attention.

Q: Is it work with 3G net work type?
A: yes, that this phone does work with 3G net work type. Thanks for your attention.

Q: Is there available Slovak or Czech language?
A: Please see the product description carefully:
Languages: English, French, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, Greek, Czech, Romanian, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Slovak, Swedish

Q: Does this phone have GPS, Thank you
A: Sorry that this phone doesn't have GPS,
Thanks for your attention.

Q: Does this phone have GPS, Thank you
A: Sorry that this phone doesn't have GPS,
Thanks for your attention.


What is SMS Chat?
Short Message Service (SMS) chat refers both to a Windows Mobile® application and a method of organizing SMS or text messages in cellular phones to break them up by person or contact. In the early days of SMS messaging, most cell phones stored a long list of individual text messages users had to scroll through to read. Organizing messages in a chat-style interface with threaded messages separated by contact makes it easier for users to follow conversations and quickly navigate to the messages they would like to read.
Phones that run the Windows Mobile® system feature an application called SMS-Chat that organizes text message communication in a style similar to how instant messenger programs separate conversations. Windows Mobile® phone users see a list of contacts when they open their SMS messages. Under each contact is a list of received and sent messages in chronological order, allowing users to scroll through the list and read the conversation in order. The application also contains templates for sending quick messages, and have the ability to send a single message to multiple recipients.
Threaded text message conversations first appeared on smartphones, but the feature has become increasingly common on regular cell phones. Text messaging has become increasingly popular all over the world. As users send and receive more messages daily, SMS chat features and organization make it more convenient for them to locate their messages and minimize the risk of sending a message to the wrong person by accidentally selecting the wrong message to send a reply.
Mobile phones that offer SMS chat features also make it easier for users to delete and save certain messages. Most phones that use threaded message organization permit users to delete entire conversations with a single contact with the push of a button. Many phones that use a single list of individual text messages force users to click on each message they want to delete, unless they wish to delete the entire list of messages.
In addition to sending text messages from cell phone to cell phone, some computer programs and online applications allow users to send SMS messages from their computers to the recipient's cell phone. Many instant messengers allow users to enter their mobile phone numbers to permit their contacts to communicate with them via SMS chat when they are away from their computers. Gmail®, the email service from Google®, features an SMS chat function. When a user opens a chat window in Gmail®, one of the options is "Send SMS". By selecting this option, users can enter a cell phone number and send a text message from their computers.


What Is a Disposable Cell Phone?
A disposable cell phone is a cheap mobile phone intended for temporary use, with a prepaid service so the user does not need to maintain a contract. While many consumers associate such phones with nefarious activities on crime television shows, they have a number of entirely legitimate uses as well. Many cell phone providers offer a prepaid service, and it is also possible to go through a carrier that offers such services exclusively.
The disposable cell phone may be a very simple model with stripped down features, although it is also possible to buy smart phones and other more advanced phones with more options. Before the owner can use the phone, he has to pay for a set amount of service and get a phone number assignment. He can keep the number by paying for more service, or allow it to expire when he no longer needs it. It may also be possible to transfer memory cards between phones, allowing users to switch disposable cell phones as needed.
Consumers sometimes temporarily need a cell phone while traveling and may find a disposable cell phone suitable for their needs. They don't want to commit to a contract for a device they do not really need, and can buy just enough minutes for their purposes. Prepaid cell phones can sometimes be cheaper for consumers who use their phones irregularly, and may also be popular with people who have irregular income and may not be able to pay for monthly service.
The disposable phone can be quickly and easily programmed to change the number, add minutes, and perform other tasks. Some may have picture and video messaging capabilities along with basic calling and texting. When the user is finished with the disposable cell phone, the number goes back into a pool of numbers for reassignment to new customers.
Disposable cell phones often appear in story lines about criminal activity because of their flexibility. It is possible to buy numerous phones and program them for distribution to members of a criminal ring who can discard their phones when they are no longer useful, or to avoid tracking. Some nations have raised concerns about the possibility of using such phones to organize terrorism or other criminal activities, and have considered more stringent regulations on their use and sale to limit them to legitimate owners.
It may be useful for consumers to be aware that in some regions, all phones can call emergency services, even if there are no minutes left or a contract has expired. An old cell phone can potentially access an emergency hotline as long as it has batteries, by common agreement between cell carriers and government agencies. For consumers who want to keep a disposable cell phone in case of emergency, this means that the phone may still work even if they forget to recharge the minutes. Consumers should check on regional policies before assuming that an old cell phone will work in an emergency.

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